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Teacher Eye Candy: 4 Classrooms More Energizing Than Your Morning Coffee

There’s something about these color coordinated — and empty — classrooms that make you think anything is possible!

–Class Border

All the heart-eyes for a color-coordinated, hyper-organized, rainbow classroom! 😍 Go wild with stackable plastic bins; is there such a thing as too many? “A place for everything and everything in its place”, but make it polychromatic!

Chaylor and Mads

There’s something very soothing about this classroom — and we’re here for it. A cool, consistent color palette, soft textures, flexible seating, and a Tiki umbrella (!!) makes us more than willing to complete whatever daily tasks await in those perfectly-numbered teal cubbies. 

Cult of Pedagogy

Everything in this classroom feels warm and purposeful. A reading nook, a Zen Zone, a puzzle table...this is a space designed for mental math AND mental health. With a rug, cushions, poufs, and yoga mats, the floors can add as much value as the bulletin boards on the walls. (See more ideas for creating a calm, focused, and happy classroom here!)

Cult of Pedagogy

The more you look at this classroom, the better it gets. It’s a student-nerd turned teacher-nerd’s dream: a Rubik’s cube side table, a TARDIS to teach social studies via “time travel”, flexible seating that looks like keyboard caps, and life-size cardboard cutouts of the cast of The Big Bang Theory for character integration in science activities. (Bonus: Those Hokki Stools were a DonorsChoose project!)

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