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Teacher Spotlight: Amani Abuhabsah, Dawes Elementary School


Amani Abuhabsah is the lead science teacher in an elementary school in Chicago. 95% of students at Amani’s school receive free or reduced lunch. To date, she has had 93 classroom projects funded through DonorsChoose.org.Amani sees 600 4th through 8th grade students everyday. She has been rewarded for her outstanding efforts by Illinois Computing Educators, Chicago Botanic Gardens, and the National Science Teacher Association. She prides herself in staying up-to-date on current research regarding children by participating in a variety of summer internship programs.Her favorite project was giving her students the opportunity to dissect sheep hearts, during their unit on anatomy. It provided her students a hands-on experience that will help them "appreciate the 'delicacy and fragility' of animal tissues".Amani is committed and dedicated not only to her students, but to Dawes Elementary School. She is proud to be a teacher at the school she attended as a child, and to be a colleague to many of the same teachers that taught her and her brothers.Take a look at Amani's Teacher Page, to see the projects Amani is currently requesting for her students. Our favorites are requests for model erupting volcanoes, worm connection kits, and subscriptions to Science World!Blog post written by volunteer Janet Galea

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