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Teacher Spotlight: Genein Letford, New Academy Canoga Park


Genein Letford is one of the founding 3rd grade teachers at NEW Academy Canoga Park in California, a K-5 independent charter school emphasizing art and science. Genein first became involved with DonorsChoose.org a few years ago after a couple of her fellow teachers were having great success with it.Genein is now the school music director and she has created a dynamic award winning curriculum. In 2009, she began the Music for All: Instrument Scholarship Fund, which awarded low-income students with instruments so they could continue their on-going music education. In 2010, Genein was named the Greatest American Teacher of the Year and in 2012 she won the Bravo Award for excellence in art education. She has conducted numerous professional presentations on this topic and remains focused on bringing arts education to under-served communities.Teaching is in her blood, literally. She was influenced by her mother, a dynamic science teacher who once showed a 4 year old girl that a nutshell can be cracked and she could eat the inside nut. The expression on that child's faced changed Genein's life forever; it was then she knew she, too, was meant to teach.Genein has been teaching in the classroom for seven years and looks forward to seeing this years' student creations. Projects funded by DonorsChoose.org have provided an opportunity for them create with paint, canvases and other art supplies. Of course, receiving instruments is always a joy! Please explore Genein's teacher page to see how you can help add to this year's adventure.

This blog post written by volunteer Janet Galea.

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