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Teacher Spotlight: Katie Kribbs, Hawthorne Elementary School


Katie Kribbs Henry began using DonorsChoose.org the first time she walked into her classroom on the South side of Chicago and found no supplies or books, only desks and bare walls. Recalling a visit by a DonorsChoose.org staff member to one of her graduate classes, Katie wrote her first project request. That year, her classroom library came to being through the generosity of DonorsChoose.org supporters.Katie became a teacher after Teach For America spoke to her Sociology class just prior to graduation. Their message resonated with her, especially the part about filling the teacher shortage in her hometown’s inner city. She joined Teach For America in 2004 and taught in Chicago for seven years. While she didn't always know she'd be a teacher, she's never been as passionate about anything as she is about her kids. Katie is incredibly grateful that teaching found her!Katie recently moved to Seattle, and is entering her second year teaching Kindergarten. She’s proud of the strong relationships she has built with her students and their families at Hawthorne Elementary. She is currently a Demonstration Teacher within the Seattle Public Schools with her classroom open for teachers to observe as she models lessons. This past Spring was elected Vice President of the school's Friends of Hawthorne Elementary PTA.DonorsChoose.org has been instrumental in helping Katie's classroom dreams come to life. In 2007, the vast majority of her students in Chicago had no access to computers or the internet until a project for two laptops was funded. We're sure her students remember the project involving an interactive field trip to the Chicago Children's Museum. The kids utilized their learning to build roller coasters from household items!Blog post written by volunteer Janet Galea.

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