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Teacher Spotlight: Linda Noss


Ms. Noss teaches media design and math at a high school in New Hampshire. She has had 18 classroom projects funded through DonorsChoose.org since joining in 2009. Read on to read our interview with Ms. Noss.Linda, we'd love to hear how you became a teacher.I became a teacher in 1983. I was in college for engineering and performing arts and got a job as a math tutor, fell in love with it and switched my major to Math Education. When I started student teaching there was a computer room across the hall. I wandered in there and started helping students. One day I looked up and the teacher was gone. From then on I taught Computer Science and I loved it. I have been teaching Math and Computer Science for 28 years. Tell us about the types of materials you've received through DonorsChoose.org.Most of the materials I ask for are computer equipment, the small stuff like keyboards, mice, printer paper, white board markers. The students LOVE to see those boxes come in. It is so nice for them to get a new mouse, so now it rolls correctly and clicks like it is suppose to. I just received some keyboards for the first time and will be replacing old sticky ones. I am sure they will be thrilled.Having equipment that works in a computer room is so important. Without a mouse even the most motivated student cannot work. With a mouse they can re-invent the world!Who was your favorite teacher?My fourth grade teacher. She taught me how to remember things, get organized, and care about learning. She was a gentle soul who understood the fourth grade mind. I also loved my mentors in my student teaching. Just the fact that they trusted me to take over the computer sciences classes gave me all sorts of confidence that I still use today. It is amazing how one comment or one gesture can change a student’s life. I try to keep that in mind when I work with my students. I want it to be a positive, energizing experience for them.Thank you, Ms. Noss for telling us about yourself! Check out Ms. Noss' Teacher Page to see all her completed projects and current project requests!

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