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What My Students Taught Me: Wisdom for Everyone


About 400,000 public school teachers use DonorsChoose.org to bring resources to their students. Cumulatively, those teachers comprise a body of knowledge, creativity, dedication, expertise, and compassion like no other. However, when it came time to look back at this school year, we asked them to flip the script. We wanted to know: What's one thing your students taught you this year?Answers ranged from the undeniably practical ("How to code", "A lot about cars") to the delightfully esoteric: "In South Korea, you can dial 113 to report a spy."* “I wear the cheese; it does not wear me.”**The answers our teachers shared could be compiled into a book rivaling any of the great works in terms of wisdom. We don't quite have enough room for that here, but here are nine of our many favorites for your reading pleasure.

Let worry and anxiety roll off of me like water off a duck.
No matter the situation we have lived in our personal life or in our past, there's always a reason to be thankful.
There is no such thing as a traditional student.
Behavior is a form of communication.
They taught me the meaning of activism.
Curiosity if contagious.
It's the small victories that mean the most.
NOTHING is impossible when you have the tools to succeed.
They taught me that my heart is big enough to hold a whole lot of tiny humans!
*So say Mrs. B's students.**We love Buffy too, Mr. H!

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