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Teacher TikToks That Make Us Smile

No one has gotten creative on TikTok quite like our nation’s teachers. See which TikToks and reels are making our followers smile.


What’s better than a video that warms the heart or makes you burst into laughter? Among other things, teachers use TikTok to shine a light on the hilarious and sweet sides of teaching. Here are some teacher-created TikToks guaranteed to make you smile. 

You can’t watch this video without getting the warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Check out what happened when this teacher showed her class who her favorite student was.

While student safety is always of the highest importance, sometimes teachers can’t help but chuckle when students make a minor tumble.

Every teacher has their own vibe when arriving at school in the morning.

They could be the early bird arriving before the custodians. They might even be the hallway mayor saying “good” morning to everyone they pass.

Every teacher knows that feeling when the weekend goes by in the blink of an eye. This video almost feels too relatable. 

Pause… did you say a classroom with snacks and a diverse library of books? We all could use an environment like that. Sign us up!

Teachers might be responsible for teaching students the basic operations of arithmetic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use tools to make their day simpler.

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