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Teachers Getting “Furry”


Things are getting a little furry around DonorsChoose.org these days.  In honor of Earth Day and the release of the movie Furry Vengeance, DonorsChoose.org is offering a 50% match for projects that help teach kids about wildlife preservation and saving the planet.We love every "furry" project we’ve seen so far. From Ms. M’s project to take her class on a trip to see a forest first hand, to Ms. G’s “wormy” project (ew! - In a good way), to Mrs. S’s idea to bring butterflies into the classroom, all the projects will bring students a little closer to nature! (And possibly avoid a critter uprising like in the movie).Furry Vengeance is a new comedy for the entire family starring Brendan Fraser as a real estate developer whose latest project threatens the habitats of local forest creatures. The woodland critters, who don't want their homes disturbed, seek comical revenge by turning a peaceful neighborhood into a battlefield of epic proportions. The film co-stars Brooke Shields, Ken Jeong, Matt Prokop and Skyler Samuels, and opens April 30th.The folks at TakePart.com have even put together an awesome activity guide that you can get for free here.Also, for a good mid-week laugh, check out the Furry Vengeance trailer.

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