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Teachers Share Their School Year's Resolutions

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Starting in August, we asked teachers on social media to post their "School Year's Resolutions." Inspired by the New Year's tradition, we wanted to take that spirit of new beginnings and apply it to the back-to-school season.Teachers shared dozens of ideas for the year that ranged from encouraging tech in the classroom to making sure paperwork is turned in on time. We picked out a few of our favorites, here for your enjoyment and inspiration. #HappySchoolYear!

These teachers focused on helping students feel like learners and encouraging a growth mindset:

@DonorsChoose My SchoolYear's Resolution is to help EVERY student feel the joy of learning EVERY day! #HappySchoolYear

— Ms. Mansour (@MrsMansour) August 8, 2016

The new school year is just around the corner and I am #excited ! #HappySchoolYear #resolutions @DonorsChoose pic.twitter.com/kQo9xly0zt

— Ms Alcala (@the_Ms_Alcala_) August 2, 2016

@DonorsChoose My school year's resolution is to teach stds to have a Growth Mindset#HappySchoolYear #Mme andyou #Csd4

— Michelle Cullum (@mec052591) August 8, 2016

Others highlighted the key role tech plays in the classroom:

@DonorsChoose My school year's resolution is to give my students ownership of our library through a "techsperts" program. #HappySchoolYear

— Kristina Holzweiss (@lieberrian) August 13, 2016

My school year’s resolution is to teach young girls that technology is not just for men. @APSSlater #GLITz @DonorsChoose #HappySchoolYear

— Ms. Pendergrass (@SaPendergrass) August 9, 2016

My school year’s resolution is to incorporate more technology into my teaching. @DonorsChoose #HappySchoolYear

— Mr. C. Herrera (@salon_d_herrera) August 8, 2016

Some aimed to help students build their reading skills:

#HappySchoolYear pic.twitter.com/YGDLOjTJBq

— Mrs. Egner (@MrsE_English9) August 2, 2016

@DonorsChoose My School Year's Resolution is to have each one of my students get lost in a book #HappySchoolYear

— Mr. Phillips (@MrPhillipsTeach) August 10, 2016

And a few were focused on more... administrative ideas:

Our staff joined in, sharing their personal and professional ideas for the year:

Our staff joined in on the #HappySchoolYear festivities! Print & share your own resolution: https://t.co/g4u8W1oByy pic.twitter.com/IsluxjtWOP

— DonorsChoose (@DonorsChoose) August 9, 2016

A few folks on our awesome operations team shared their school year's resolutions ???? #HappySchoolYear

A photo posted by DonorsChoose.org (@donorschoose) on Aug 21, 2016 at 12:12pm PDT

Finally, some teachers had ideas that we couldn't categorize but were too good not to share.

My School Year's Resolution is always to greet kids, smile and look 'em in the eye when I am in the schoolhouse. #HappySchoolYear #Back2BCPS

— Alissa Enders (@alissaenders) August 8, 2016

My resolution is to make my classroom a happy place where students feel safe to take risks. #HappySchoolYear

— Andrea Berning (@AndreaTeaching) August 16, 2016

@DonorsChoose My school year’s resolution is make deeper, lasting connections with my students. #HappySchoolYear!

— LovestoTeach (@lovesto_teach) August 8, 2016

@DonorsChoose Our school year's resolution is to inspire grit and resilience EVERY day! #HappySchoolYear

— Sassy Apples (@twosassyapples) August 17, 2016

**(If you're a teacher and you like the resolutions idea, you can turn it into a start-of-the-year classroom activity. Have your students identify their own resolutions for the year, then post them around the classroom. This can encourage a growth mindset, and teach students the importance of goal-oriented thinking. Here's a document you can use to start, and please share the results with us if you try this out!)Have a resolution you think belongs on this page? Share it in the comments, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with #HappySchoolYear!

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