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Teachers vs Teen Pregnancy


According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, the number of teen pregnancies has been steadily declining since 1990. But the data is still staggering: 3 out of 10 teens in the United States will become pregnant by the age of 20.Teen pregnancy has been linked to a number of mental, physical, and financial issues. Teenage mothers are more likely to put education on hold in order to care for their child. Teenage fathers have demonstrated a lower future earning potential than their peers.Teachers across the nation have identified teen pregnancy as an issue that needs to be rectified and recognize that they, as educators, have the unique ability to create change. Unfortunately, many lower-income schools don’t have the necessary supplies to teach their students how to make safe choices about sex.

On DonorsChoose.org, teachers have requested a number of supplies ranging from markers and pencils so students can make educational pamphlets for their peers, to Ready or Not Tots so students experience life as a teen parent. With your help, students can develop the knowledge and skills that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Check out all of the classroom projects that need your support.

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