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Teachers and Students Across the Country Are Falling in Love with The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give book

Long before it made its way to the big screen, Angie Thomas’s The Hate U Give was already an essential read in classrooms across the nation. Of course, before they can teach the book, teachers need the resources to add it to their shelves.That’s where DonorsChoose.org comes in. This back-to-school season alone, teachers have created classroom projects for over 7,600 copies of the book, making it one of the most requested titles on our site. They are also creating projects to take their students to go see the adaptation in theaters. Earlier this week, 23 teachers got a pleasant surprise – their field trip projects to see the film were fully funded by 21st Century Fox!As the film hits theaters, teachers are using the publicity around the book to teach important lessons about race, activism, and police brutality. Here are four ways teachers have incorporated The Hate U Give into their lesson plans.

Motivating Students with Complex Stories

Ms. Levin is kicking off a book club for her LA students with The Hate U Give, and the timing couldn’t be better:The movie version of the book is coming out later in the fall and that is a huge motivation for my students to read the book. We'll be able to read Starr's story and discuss how she navigates her feelings and the pressure from her family, the community and police.[My students’] stories, like Starr's, are complex and often difficult to navigate. Through reading the novel and group discussions, my students will see that their voices are important and that their stories need to be shared.

A Class Set for Reluctant Readers

Mrs. Mangrum’s project for a set of The Hate U Give for her Florida high-schoolers highlights the magnetic power of this book:Have you ever seen a teen who hates to read find a book that they cannot put down? That is exactly what happened when I introduced my students to The Hate U Give.Since reading excerpts from my personal copy of The Hate U Give, my students have been begging for more of this book. As an Intensive Reading teacher, I work with students who struggle with and therefore hate reading the most. I believe this book will show them that there is a reader inside of us all.

A Field Trip to Support Visual Learners

In New York City, Teacher Martinez is building a powerful book club despite budget restrictions:Students in book club encourage other students to join and recommend books to them. I've seen book club students lend their books to other students. Other students also come to my office to borrow books because of the book club students encouraging them to seek books that we have read together.Because of budget cuts, our school won't be able to purchase books for the book club this school year. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a book that my students have expressed interest in reading. I also wanted to surprise my students by taking them to see the movie after we finish the book in November 2018. This will help the students who are visual learners access the themes and have a better understanding of The Hate U Give.

Getting Students to the Library

Mr. Rivera couldn’t keep copies of The Hate U Give on the shelves at his school library, so he created a project to build up their collection:Though I have three copies of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, I can never keep them in the library. Every day, I have a steady stream of students that come to the library to ask if I have a copy but, unfortunately, I don't.The Hate U Give will help our students take advantage of the best time to encourage independent reading and reading growth — when students are motivated and excited to read for the love of reading. There are no easy answers or simple characterizations. Most importantly, the book is driving readers to the library.

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Teachers, want to add The Hate U Give to your classroom library? Create a project today.

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