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Tell Me You’re a DonorsChoose Teacher Without Telling Me You’re a DonorsChoose Teacher

These universal DonorsChoose experiences bind us together from one school year to the next.


It’s the end of a WILD school year and as you and your fellow teachers part ways for the most well-deserved R&R ever, here’s a short post to remind you that this DonorsChoose community isn’t going anywhere. Though your students and your classrooms and your neighborhoods may be vastly different, it’s those universal DonorsChoose experiences that bind us together from one school year to the next.

Without further ado, we present:

Tell me you’re a DonorsChoose Teacher without telling me you’re a DonorsChoose Teacher.

We’ll go first:

A “rocket ship sighting” has nothing to do with Elon Musk and everything to do with classroom celebrations. (In fact, it’s very possibly the highlight of your week!)

"A package was delivered to the office with no name. The secretaries assume it is mine." –Emily 

"When the security guard is told there are packages in the front and he says, “They’re for Mrs. Wright’s Class” without even looking at the boxes." –Nancy

 You’re on a first-name basis with your school’s USPS driver.

"My kids’ answer to any question about adding things to our room or school is always: “We should write a DonorsChoose Project!" –Suzanne

"Summer School student enters the classroom: ‘you're THAT teacher.’ 😆” –Eric

Kids who aren’t even in your class hang out in your classroom.

"I am known as the DC 👑 Queen at my school 🏫 and that title has nothing to do with our nation’s capital!" -Teri

"My phone is full of photos of shipping boxes." –Reuben

Your friends know your favorite Teacher Appreciation Week gift is project donations.

"Office Staff: You have ANOTHER delivery!" –Jennifer

"The front office staff has told me that they think I really like to shop." –Valerie

School budgets don’t stop you from dreaming big.

"I (almost) never have to tell my students we can't do something, because we don't have the budget for it." -Jennifer

"People from the west coast to the east coast support my students." –Kimberly

Your classroom is a week-to-week ‘spot the differences’ game of new materials.

"Other teachers stopped asking, "how did you get ___________? They know it is from DonorsChoose!" -Nancy

"My students have materials they need!" –Kellie

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