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The 21st Century Classroom


Teachers are always looking for opportunities to integrate more technology into their classrooms and our vendors have risen to the challenge. We’re thrilled to announce that Best Buy for Business recently added a variety of Apple products, including the iPad 2, to their catalog!Many teachers have requested tablets, e-readers and iPads through DonorsChoose.org, and it’s now even easier to get kids reading with those devices, thanks to AKJ Books. They’ve just added over 20,000 e-books to their catalog, with new titles arriving all the time.Here’s Ben Campbell , a DonorsChoose.org teacher, on the power of iPads in his classroom:“We use [iPads] as incentives to get kids to come to our before school math tutoring. Before the iPads, I had a terrible time getting certain kids to come. Now they can't wait for their turn.”Keith Bolte loves his e-readers because his students “have learned to search for passages in stories to support classroom discussions. They keep notes as they read and then refer to them when they are talking. They love to bookmark passages. [These devices] have really added to the excitement in my classroom!”Read more about how teachers are using this technology on our blog and discussion forum:- Top 4 Uses for iPads in Classrooms- Technology in the Classroom- “Why are so many teachers asking for iPads, iPods, e-readers, etc?”- “How has technology changed the way you teach?

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