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It’s back-to-school time. Here’s what teachers need

Flexible seating and instructional technology rose in popularity, according to DonorsChoose, which keeps data tracking the items most-requested by educators.


This time of year, social media feeds are flooded with teachers posting lists of supplies they need for their classrooms and asking for the public’s help to ensure students have everything from art supplies and calculators to books and reading bean bags. #ClearTheList, as the hashtag goes, along with social media posts to fund their DonorsChoose projects.

Like with medical bills, these back-to-school campaigns are another form of crowdsourcing in American society. Teachers, who are already underpaid, take to crowdsourcing to ensure they’re providing students the best and most effective educational experience they can. They inevitably front many out-of-pocket expenses throughout the year — the average rising to $750 per year in 2021 — so these summer wishlists help them get started.

In fact, it’s such a commonplace thing in our society now that Abbott Elementary — the blockbuster ABC show about teachers at an underfunded school in Philadelphia — did a whole episode about it.

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