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The Disney Planet Challenge is Back!


Great news teachers and donors! Disney’s Planet Challenge is partnering with DonorsChoose.org for the THIRD year in a row to support teachers submitting hands-on classroom projects aimed at helping the environment. Disney’s Planet Challenge is a fun, free and highly-acclaimed project-based environmental competition for 3rd-8th grade classrooms across the US, and to date they have funded over $650,000 in classroom projects focused on the environment!Thanks to Disney’s Planet Challenge, 3rd through 8th grade teachers who submit an eligible classroom project to DonorsChoose.org will receive “Double Your Impact” funding! This means that hands-on environmental projects, costing $1000 or less (including all fees and the optional donation), submitted to DonorsChoose.org no later than December 1st will receive 50% funding from Disney Planet Challenge, once other donors choose to fund the rest of the project.Additionally, teachers that register for Disney’s Planet Challenge by December 18th and submit a qualifying project to DonorsChoose.org will receive full project funding! How awesome is that?!To participate in Disney’s Planet Challenge, teachers must register here by December 18, 2011. In addition to the regular DonorsChoose.org thank you process, teachers will be asked to complete this project with your class and submit the results to Disney by February 16, 2012. Teachers will receive an incredible experience while students turn into dedicated caretakers of the Earth!Visit DonorsChoose.org/teachers to submit your DonorsChoose.org project today!

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