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The Easy Ask: 3 Fundraising Tips for Teachers


Knee-deep in the school year, you realize your students could use more leveled readers. Or perhaps you dream of differentiating instruction with the aid of an iPad. Maybe it’s basic supplies you’re short on. No matter what your classroom needs are, a fully funded DonorsChoose.org teacher project will help you meet them.If you have a project to post but are hesitant about fundraising, check out these three easy-as-pie ideas from teachers who’ve been there:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vymp4YpenLE[/embed]And now, the whipped cream and cherry on top. If this is your first ever DonorsChoose.org project, we’ve got a special code for you to share with your donors. When they use it, DonorsChoose.org will match their donations. We've got your back.Ready to seize the moment and submit a project? Go forth and click here!

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