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The Mile High City is About to Get A Lot Hairier


That’s right folks, the Denver Chapter of Mustaches for Kids is embarking on its second year of follicular fun and fundraising for local Colorado classrooms. The excitement begins this Thursday, January 14th, as the men of Denver embark on their facial hair journey with a clean (shaven) slate. In its inaugural year, the Denver chapter of Mustaches for Kids brought in over $3,500 worth of classroom materials for students, and the chapter hopes to bring even more resources to schools this year.If you are located in Denver and your upper lip wants to be a part of the adventure, weekly checkpoints will be held at Tavern Wash Park on Thursday evenings. You can also check out the Denver Mustaches for Kids Facebook group for more information and updates. Or, if you are not quite ready to dedicate your facial hair to the cause, you can always help these fearless and charitable growers by going here and supporting one of the classroom projects selected by Denver growers.

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