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The New York Times: Building Better Schools, One Glue Stick at a Time


Learning to Love Books -- "Many of my young students have never even picked up a book. I, together with you, have the opportunity to give my students their first impressions of books and reading. I want these early experiences to be filled with high quality literature in a variety of genres from ABC and counting books to compelling storybooks." (A $453 proposal from Chicago.)

Glue Sticks Needed -- "I am a second-grade teacher to 26 wonderful children in the Bronx. We are always doing activities that require us to use glue. Parents have bought some of their children glue, but the glues are liquid glues. Every time we do activities we spend more time in cleanup than doing actual activity. Glue sticks are more convenient for class activities, but don't last as long. I think the time they save in the classroom is worth it." (A $147 proposal.)

DonorsChoose.org lists thousands of requests from teachers. Just as eBay has changed the world of selling, DonorsChoose is trying to change how people give to education: click on the Web site and there, organized by category, geography and price, are thousands of proposals describing what teachers want for their classrooms and why.

Read the full story on The New York Times.

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