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What’s that? You'd like more ways to support public school classrooms? Perhaps some that leave your wallet kindly unperturbed?Well, you are in luck!Once again, DonorsChoose.org has been selected as one of 49 organizations vying for $200,000 from American Express in this year’s Members Project. The org receiving the most votes in each of the five categories will be awarded $200K.$200,000! That could buy 450,000 pencils, 500 violins, or 25,000 copies of Harry Potter.Here’s how to vote - we promise it's easy!1.) Visit takepart.com/membersproject/vote.2.) Click register to vote and fill out the 2-part form. (view screenshot)3.) Scroll down and click on DonorsChoose.org. (view screenshot)4.) Click “Cast Your Vote.”5.) Use the share buttons to tell your friends.6.) Vote again next week! (Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook and we'll remind ya.)

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