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The Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to recognize the hard work teachers do. Stumped on how to show appreciation for teachers? We’ve got you covered with some great ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week:

  1. Donate to a classroom project that inspires you, and leave a message wishing the teacher a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.
  2. Follow our “No More Apples” board on Pinterest for clever DIY teacher gift ideas.
  3. Surprise a teacher you know with a hand-written thank you note. Get your kids involved by encouraging them to write notes for their teachers.
  4. Favorite” a teacher (or two!) in your community for updates on their progress throughout the school year.
  5. Share this message on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about Teacher Appreciation Week: "Teacher Appreciation Week has begun! Support a classroom to show how much you appreciate teachers: http://ow.ly/kGpLV"

We hope these ideas have inspired you. Now go show teachers some appreciation!

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