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Three Career-Readiness Lesson Plans for 3rd–8th Grade Using TIME for Kids’ Your 🔥 Job

Adapt these teacher-created career-readiness lesson plans to your classroom


The famous question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Imagining all the things you can do and achieve in the future is an essential part of childhood, and educators have the special opportunity to expand kids’ ideas of what’s possible.

To help teachers introduce students to cool careers in growing fields, TIME for Kids created Your 🔥 Job—a free online platform filled with resources to help elementary- and middle-schoolers get excited about their futures.

In Spring 2023, TIME for Kids teamed up with DonorsChoose, and invited 3rd–8th grade teachers to submit a lesson plan to engage students with the Your  🔥 Job platform.

Huge thank you to all the teachers who submitted their ideas! TIME for Kids picked the three top for other teachers to adapt for their own students. Check out lesson plans from our winning teachers below!

Your 🔥 Job Project Curriculum

Job Fair

Ms. Menifield | Grades 3–5

Gloria Menifield, a 3rd grade teacher in Southaven, MI, developed this lesson to help students engage in the topic of their future through a classroom job fair.

Inspiring Advice

Ms. Roberts | Grades 3–5

Suzanne Roberts, a 4th grade teacher in Cape Coral, FL, developed this lesson  to help inspire students to start thinking about their futures, and encourage them to spark the same inspiration in others.

Preparing for the Future

Ms. Miller | Grades 6–8

Katie Miller, a middle school language arts teacher, developed this lesson to help students consider how the past and the present can influence their future.

Inspired to bring these lessons to your students? Create a project to request all the resources you need to bring them to life.

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