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Top 8 reasons (just to name a few) why I have the BEST internship in the world


It's Volunteer Appreciation Week! We're so excited to share this guest blog post from our Donor Appreciation Land intern, Omnia. Here's what she had to say:Guest Blog Post by: Omnia Khamis, Intern

8. The Office. I get to come to work in an office that is fun, quirky,* new*, spacious, warm, engaging, active, and totally decked out with a MakerBot (Um, I know, right?) You feel the energy of the place instantaneously. The office is on fire.

7. The Mission. I work for an organization that has a mission of helping, teachers, classrooms, and kids all over the country get access to a better education. What’s better than that? Coming to work alongside equally passionate people about the mission makes it all worthwhile. You create amazing things with amazing people for an amazing cause to help an amazing generation of bright and ambitious students.

6. We’re nerdy AND cool. We made three lists this year, and it’s not even June yet. Fast Company recently named DonorsChoose.org to their list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World for the second time (we came in at number nine!), while GOOD Magazine highlighted us as one of 30 Places We Want to Work, as well as coming in at number eight on The Nonprofit Times list for Best Nonprofits to Work for in 2014!

5. Our volunteers are the bomb. As the Volunteer Coordinator Intern, I can attest to the fact that not only do we have some of the most dedicated and energetic volunteers around, but our volunteer program is designed to kick-ass and take names! 72 volunteers have donated 1,588 hours to mail 46,127 Thank-You packages and hand-write 7,140 donor Thank-You notes. Whoa! And by the way, we actually KNOW all of our volunteers. They are incredible.

4. I get to follow my ultimate passion. It doesn’t feel like coming to work. It feels like coming in to propel forth a greater cause of helping our next generation of leaders get access to a better education. I get to fulfill my passion for education, every day.

3. It brings out the philanthropist in all of us. Our site allows everyday citizens to come together and interact in a new and creative way. It allows teachers to become world-class fundraisers. It allows everyday people to become heroic donors of brilliant classroom projects. It gives a whole new and accessible meaning to philanthropy.

2. The Peeps. I work with the BEST staff. I’m not an intern, I’m simply part of the team. Everyone is profoundly enthusiastic about the mission and vision of the org, and once you’re in, you’re family. You are appreciated.

1. The Impact. I get to make a difference in people’s lives, every day. From engaging and training with our delightful volunteers to communicating with our donors, to checking out the classrooms our donors fund, DonorsChoose.org makes a really extraordinary impact on the daily lives of teachers, students, donors, and especially, me!

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