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Training and Tickets to See the Film BULLY


Thanks to our partnership with The Bully Project’s 1 Million Kids initiative, public school students and teachers across the country can see the acclaimed documentary, BULLY (rated PG-13), in theaters and can receive free professional development training provided by Facing History and Ourselves to talk about the film and address issues of bullying in the classroom.In order to qualify, projects:

  • must be submitted by full-time public school teachers (full eligibility criteria)
  • must include at least 200 students
  • must be for middle or high school students (the film is rated PG-13)
  • must take place before December 15th, 2012
  • must be submitted at least 30 days before your desired trip date
  • may only include tickets to see the film. Teachers must make alternative plans for transportation to the theater.

Step 1:Set up your teacher account.Step 2:Submit the online form with information about your trip. DonorsChose.org will add bonus points to your account for this project. Arrangements will be made with the theater to accommodate your screening request and a price quote will be emailed to you within 5 days. You will need this in order to create your trip on DonorsChoose.org.Step 3: You will need to find separate funding for transportation to the theater. At this time, there is no guarantee of funding if your project contains busing costs, so please take care of those needs offline by working with your school or district. However, the Bully team has pre-negotiated a special Bully rate with First Student busing and recommend using them for your busing needs.Step 4: Once you have your theater price quote, create a project in your DonorsChoose.org account:

  • Log into your account and select “create a project.”
  • Choose “class trip” in Step 2.
  • Include expenses for the theater costs only. Other items (like transportation, books, snacks, or t-shirts) should not be included.
  • Upload your theater price quote as directed.

Your project will be posted on DonorsChoose.org, where anyone can support your trip expenses. The Bully Project will ensure that your project is fully funded in time to execute the trip, but this funding might not appear right away.Step 5:Register for a FREE and mandatory workshop by Facing History and Ourselves. This training is self-paced and can be completed over a period of two weeks. It is provided free to teachers, but it is the responsibility of each teacher to self-schedule when their training occurs.If you have additional questions, visit the DonorsChoose.org Help Center.Once your field trip happens, the BULLY team would love to hear about it! You can post pictures on BULLY’s Facebook page or email The BULLY Project at info (at) thebullyproject (dot) com and tell them about your trip!

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