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U.S. News: Teachers Crowdfund Millions for Classroom Supplies


By Lauren CameraDonorsChoose.org, a non-profit organization founded by a teacher who spent five years teaching English and history in a public high school in the Bronx in New York, corners the teacher crowdfunding market, funding more than 300,000 education campaigns per year, totaling more than $117 million raised in 2017…Indeed, 75 percent of dollars given to classrooms through DonorsChoose.org, for example, come from people who have never met the teachers they are supporting. That's an important draw for teachers from low-income school districts, who often don't have well-funded PTAs or social networks filled with family and friends with lots of disposable income, or who teach in communities where parents aren't able to contribute to the extent that those in wealthier school districts can.Read the full story on U.S. News.

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