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Vanity Fair: Kickstarter for Classrooms

Philanthropist Melinda Gates writes about DonorsChoose


When I was a high-school student in Dallas, my math teacher Mrs. Bauer went to a conference and saw a demonstration of one of the first personal computers. She thought, These are going to be big. She enrolled in a night class in computer science so she could teach us how to use computers, even though she had to pay the tuition herself. Her dedication to bringing innovation into our classroom changed my life and launched a career I could never have imagined. How many of us had a teacher like Mrs. Bauer? Wouldn’t it be great if we had a way to support the amazing educators who work so hard to expose their students to the world around them?

Well, we do, through DonorsChoose.org, which makes it easy to help teachers bring their ideas to life. DonorsChoose.org provides a simple way for people who want to lend a hand to help teachers meet their classroom needs.

Read the full story on Vanity Fair.

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