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Thank You, Volunteers, For Making DonorsChoose Possible


Logan works with our Content Operations team where he manages and trains our team of volunteer screeners.

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week! Since the beginning of the school year, DonorsChoose.org teachers have created over 300,000 classroom projects and have put together over 100,000 thank-you packages for their generous donors.Have you ever wondered how our team reviews such a colossal number of projects and thank-you notes? Look no further than our spectacular group of 485 dedicated volunteers. We have two groups of volunteers who spend their free time bringing all of these projects and all of that gratitude to life. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the work our volunteers do to relentlessly support the DonorsChoose.org mission.

Meet Our Volunteer Screeners

Did you know that every single project that goes on DonorsChoose.org is screened by a real, live human? Along with making sure every project is legitimate and safe, these screeners ensure that teacher’s essays have a clear description of the student experience, confirm the resources requested by the teacher, and perform minor editing for spelling and grammar.This year so far, our volunteers have reviewed an average of 1,044 projects every day. By donating their time, our volunteers provide a second set of eyes for teachers, an extra layer of transparency for donors, and a tremendous amount of support for our staff. Cheers to our fabulous volunteer screeners!

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Meet Our Gratitude Volunteers

Since our start in a Bronx classroom, gratitude has been core to our business model. After those classroom projects are fully-funded, our second volunteer community joins the party. Once teachers receive their requested materials, they have their students write thank-you notes to their generous donors. Before those notes go out to the world, our volunteers review them all to remove any sensitive student information and ensure that they are sent to the right donor.This means our volunteers are well acquainted with glitter, love cute drawings, and are experts at deciphering children’s handwriting. Based in our New York office, our diverse team of gratitude volunteers includes high school and college students, donors, teachers, and other local supporters.With over 400,000 teachers using the site, we see A LOT of thank-you notes. Our gratitude volunteers have processed over 112,137 packages since the beginning over the school year, delighting donors every day.We are so thankful for the 485 volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to supporting classrooms across America. Without our generous volunteer force, we would not be the organization we are today!P.S. Live in the New York City area? Come join our gratitude volunteer team.

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