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#WelcomeWeek: You Did It!

Image with text that says: Over 9,000 new teachers were supported on DonorsChoose.org for the first time last week.

From August 18th through the 24th, we welcomed over 9,000 new teachers to our DonorsChoose.org community for #WelcomeWeek! During this week, active DonorsChoose.org teachers got the chance to earn $25 for each new teacher they referred, and teachers posting their first project received a $50 welcome donation. 

Thank you to the teachers who rallied and trained their colleagues, introducing them to a new way to support their classroom needs.

Check out these innovative projects created by new teachers and get inspired by their amazing ideas:

  • Ms. Liz is starting a woodworking club for her middle schoolers, and mentioned, “It is so important to remind young minds that anyone, no matter the skill-set, race or gender, is capable of creating.”
  • Ms. Altree’s project is all about building a hydroponic garden. She’s hoping that her high school students will become more independent by learning to develop and build a variety of food-producing systems. 
  • Ms. Senora created a project to help her students explore the life and work of Frida Kahlo. Once her students finish their reading, they’ll use their knowledge to create Frida inspired works of art. “The students will have their hands on information through literature that will help them create Frida Kahlo inspired portraits.”

New teachers: welcome to our community! We can’t wait to see how you’re going to bring your ideas to life. 

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