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What do you think of student thank you notes?


Last month, we asked some of our supporters what they think of student thank you notes they've received from DonorsChoose.org classrooms.Of the 146 people who responded to our survey, 55% have opted in to student thank you notes, and 45% have opted out of them.Of the people opted into thank you notes, the most popular reasons people gave are represented by the below quotes:

  • “I wanted to see what the kids had to say about what they got.” – Virginia
  • “I believe that it is a good exercise in the classroom for the recipients to acknowledge a gift in writing. It can be a powerful lesson to show appreciation.” – Carol
  • “We opt in because some of them give us a concrete indication that the donation has value.” – Doug
  • “The letters and photos are what makes funding a donation though DonorChoose.org so special.” - Lisa

People who opted out of the notes said they did so for the following reasons:

  • "I opt out of thank you notes because I believe the time spent on them can be better used on the lesson plan.”
  • “I know the kids are thankful and I don't need anyone going to the trouble or expense to remind me of that.” - Lori
  • “I know how stressed the teachers already are to accomplish everything expected of them. It seems unfair to expect them to ask them to complete one more task.” - Antoinette
  • “If I donate more than once, I suddenly have an influx of more thank you notes than I know what to do with. I hate to think of how much time, materials, and resources were used on them that could have been put to better use.” – David

We also asked people what they do with the student thank you notes they receive, and wanted to share a few of our favorite responses:

  • "I showed them to my kids so they could try to understand the impact of the donation." - Mandy
  • "They are in my desk drawer, bottom left, and it’s where I go when I need to remind myself that...I have made a difference." - Debi
  • "We shared them with family and friends and used them as an opportunity to promote DonorsChoose.org. I even took a packet or two into work and shared with my coworkers." - Alyssa
  • "When a packet first arrives, I display the notes on my coffee table where anyone who comes over can see them." – Kate

Your turn: what do you think of student thank you notes?

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