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Where were you on Saturday?


We were at General Assembly in NYC with ~70 developers and data crunchers for our Hacking Education "hackathon" event!The turn-out was great, the participants were totally engaged, and the apps demoed at the end of the 10-hour hackathon were amazing.The inspiring results of just a half-day of brainstorming and building got everyone super excited to see the final Hacking Education contest submissions!We're deeply grateful to...The event sponsors: Bing, Palentir, SVB, PepsiThe event hosts & organizers: Reddit, General Assembly, MESA, breadpigThe demo session feedback panel: Alexis Ohanian, Rachel Sklar, Scott SchwaitzbergAnd a special HUGE thank-you to Jacob Brody (MESA) and Adrian Ryan (General Assembly) for bringing everything together!!Here are some fun photos from the hackathon:

Hackthon photo 1
Hackthon photo 2
Hackthon photo 3
Hackthon photo 4

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