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Who Gives a Hoot About Owl Pellets?


DonorsChoose.org teachers do! A recent analysis by our data scientists revealed owl pellets trumped Bunsen burners, beakers, and burettes as the most requested science material among 3rd through 5th grade classrooms.

Owl pellets, compact masses of regurgitated food that owls are unable to digest, serve as simple introductions to basic dissection. They provide students with a hands-on way of understanding the wide variation among bird species and their relationships to other animals in the food chain.

Teachers across the country are raving about owl pellets. According to New Jersey educator, Ms. Gregorio:

“My students really felt like scientists using gloves, tweezers, magnifying glasses, and bones from the pellet to find out what the barn owl ate. The students were so excited to see multiple bones from multiple animals. They learned that pellets can contain more than one meal by the owl. I feel like my students were really able to feel like scientists with this donation!”

Help other students feel like scientists by funding one of these owl pellet projects.

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