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Why Donors Love Funding Classroom Basics

Student thank you note with a hand drawn kids in blue

Classroom basics like pencils, paper, and crayons are the building blocks of a functioning classroom. Teachers know that these materials are the backbone of what their students need, and are often the supplies that run out the fastest.

Believe it or not, donors know it, too. Classroom basics projects are some of our donors’ favorites to fund because they know teachers and kids can’t do their jobs without the necessary “tools of the trade.” 81% of these projects are fully funded – that’s 4 out of 5!

What makes them so compelling? Donors can answer that one. Here are some notes from donors who supported a classroom project requesting the basics:

Even the best cooks can't make a meal without proper ingredients. Hopefully, these basic supplies will be a good foundation for learning!

- Isaac, New York

Your request for basic school supplies touched me. No child should have to worry about having the basic tools they need to learn and be successful.

- Meg, Minnesota

How can you say no to a teacher who is asking for basic supplies?

- The Chastains, Tennessee

Donors who support classroom basics often return to give to similar projects again, contributing to teachers they don’t personally know because they feel so strongly about helping meet these types of needs.

Anytime I can help a classroom with basic supplies, I'm all for it, because I know that you can't expect kids to learn without pencils and paper. I hope these supplies help you introduce your kids to many wonderful subjects and learn many ways to express themselves. Please keep up the wonderful work!

- Marshall, Texas

Inspired yet? Take a peek at your classroom supply closet to see what you need to restock, and get started on your next project… donors are ready to help! 

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