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Winter is coming… and so are the donors!

Find out why our donors love making the holidays the most wonderful time of the year for DonorsChoose teachers.


This time of year brings a tidal wave of support (in dollars and heartwarming messages!) from donors to teachers. But what’s really going on? Is it just the spirit of giving season and the holiday shopping bug that bring people to DonorsChoose? Let’s find out.

By the numbers

First, let’s examine how the holiday season really shakes out compared to other times of year: The next few weeks will see more fully-funded projects than any other time. Want to get nerdy with some numbers?

Last year, between Thanksgiving and New Years…

  • More than 125,000 people made a donation to a classroom project.
  • Classroom projects received over $15 million in donations.
  • On average, donors give $12 more than usual per donation.

So now the only question is: Why do donors feel so compelled to make this most wonderful time of the year on DonorsChoose? Our team scoured the plethora of donor comments left on the site every single day, and two major themes emerged.

Halfway there

Between the back-to-school season supply surge and the plentiful packages of Teacher Appreciation Week, classroom cabinets and desk drawers start to run dry. Donors everywhere realize just how critical the mid-year restock can be

“Mrs Casey, I am excited to help support your work in the classroom. You should not have to sweat the basics. Keep up the awesome work that you do!”

“Want to help get some of the supplies for your classroom. Hope you all have a great rest of the school year!!👏🏾👍🏾”

“Hope this helps fill your empty cupboards and have a great school year!”

Giving thanks

‘Tis the season for gratitude. Giving to a teacher’s project is one way thankful folks can show their appreciation for all teachers do. Neighbors and families, folks who have spent time in your community, people practicing acts of kindness from across the country — they all see the contributions teachers make and want to say thanks.

“It's so clear you're doing exceptional things for your students. Very grateful to have educators like you going above-and-beyond for kids every day! Wishing you so much luck this school year.”

“My grandkids and great-grandkids attend Riverton schools. I know that our teachers are working so hard to make learning FUN!!”

“Thanks for teaching me about 8 years ago.”

“As a retired schoolteacher, I am totally aware of the importance of materials needed for traveling on the roads to success. Children should have supplies that speak of the importance [of] learning. I hope your students will appreciate the importance you place upon the availability of supplies to aid them in their classroom experiences.”

“Best wishes to you and your students from your neighbor in the Bronx!”

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