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Writer’s Workshop: Motivating Students with Technology


Mr. Coughenour of Alta E. Butler Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona realizes the impact that technology can have in the classroom. He questions: “When was the last time you had to write out a full page of text by hand? It’s demotivating to students when they are faced with this task.”Last year Mr. Coughenour obtained access to the school’s laptop cart so that his students could type out their essays and revise their writing with ease. As a result, the teaching and learning in his classroom vastly improved. Inspired by the strides made by Mr. Coughenour’s students, other teachers began to integrate the laptops in their classrooms. Unfortunately, this meant that Mr. Coughenour’s class had to share the computers with a number of other students as more and more teachers incorporated technology into their lessons.To remedy this issue and help his students continue to better their writing, Mr. Coughenour has requested 20 laptops so that his students can research topics, save and revise their writing, and publish their school’s weekly newsletter. More information on how you can help Mr. Coughenour and his class achieve their goal can be found here.

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