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Zynga.org is Helping Students Reach for the Stars


Thanks to a new partnership with Zynga.org and CityVille2, players will be able to beatify their virtual city and outfit a DonorsChoose.org classroom at the same time!

One hundred percent of the player purchases of three exclusive items will be used to support special projects on our site:

  • DonorsChoose.org Statue: Putting on your robe and donning your mortarboard is a big deal. These purchases support projects improving graduation rates for high school students.
  • Veggie garden: Fresh veggies can improve nutrition, teach science and build teamwork. Thanks to garden purchases, students will now have fresh tomatoes, spinach and worms!
  • Learning Workshop: Hammering away in CityVille2 means students will receive hands-on learning workshops for little learning hands.

There are still more projects that need your help, so hop over to CityVille2 and help bring creativity and hands-on learning to life!

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