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Back-to-School with the Basics

This back to school season, post a hodgepodge Basics project with all of the essential supplies you need!

What Message Do Book Bans Send to Black Students?

A new PEN America report shows 41% of banned books have protagonists or prominent secondary characters of color, and 22% deal with race or racism.

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5 Favorite Moments from our Panda Cares Partnerships

Support from Panda Cares sparked learning and joy for students and teachers across the country.

The 3 Reasons Companies are Helping Teachers #ClearTheList this School Year

Explore why companies are jumping on board and how their support helps teachers and students

These Are the Top Books Black Teachers Request for Their Classrooms

"Over the last four school years, Black teachers have overwhelmingly asked for these five books in their DonorsChoose requests."

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September 2022 Match Offer Round Up

With back-to-school season in full swing, it's a great time to think about what resources you’d like in your classroom and explore some of the match offers available this September.

12 Must-Read Books That Celebrate Hispanic and Latinx Voices

These book titles are our teachers’ most requested books that celebrate Hispanic and Latinx heritage and voices.

Top Trending Classroom Resources for Back-to-School

Add these top trending tools to your next project to make sure your students hit the ground running!

Classroom Recipes: Back to School for Under $500

Here are some “ingredient lists” of supplies you can order through DonorsChoose, inspired by real classrooms. Let’s see what you can cook up!

Created by Teachers: Your Ultimate Back-to-School Playlist

This teacher-recommended playlist will get you pumped up and ready for anything.

Shine the Brightest Light on Your Students

Challenge stereotypes and encourage the public to help your students reach their goals with these tips for using asset framing in your writing.

Our 4 Favorite Moments from the 2022 Bill Gates Back-to-School Boost

Everyone has a favorite sign that the school year is about to begin. Our is the back-to-school boost! Here are four of our favorite moments from the day.

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