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More than 1,300 Projects Funded in Celebration of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

Disney Future Storytellers is an initiative that empowers the next generation of diverse storytellers and innovators.


Classrooms can be powerful places for fostering expression and creativity among kids, and giving students affirming, supportive, and well-resourced learning environments is key to making that happen. Through DonorsChoose, donors fund teacher-selected resources that improve student outcomes and support teacher retention — all while building a more racially equitable education system.

In November 2022, in honor of the theatrical release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Disney matched $250,000 in donations to STEM and art projects on DonorsChoose as part of Disney Future Storytellers, an initiative that empowers the next generation of diverse storytellers and innovators. Disney’s grant doubled donations to qualifying projects, and specifically supported requests from Equity Focus Schools, which have been historically underfunded due to economic and racial inequity.

In total, Disney brought to life 1,376 STEM and art projects across 684 public schools. 

Here are a few of our favorites!

Electrical Engineers

Ms. Jackson | Elementary School | New York

“My students are amazing SCIENCE SCHOLARS! They enjoy experimenting, investigating, and designing! Each child, regardless of learning differences, feels successful while engaging in hands-on tasks. I’m excited to capture the buzz of excitement and to foster a love of science and lead students to make connections to real world phenomena.”

Sewing Satisfaction

Ms. O | Elementary School | California

“Sewing is a tremendous visual art encompassing all that our school is developing through our STEAM curriculum. It utilizes math and measuring, and sewing with a machine develops technology skills and furthers students’ understanding of engineering. Teaching young people to sew through a STEAM curriculum is powerful and satisfying!”

Growing Green With My Bed-Stuy Team!

Ms. Scott | Early Childhood | New York

“Bringing environmental education to my scholars at an early age will make a huge difference in how they see the world.  The hydroponics kits will create meaningful project-based learning in the classroom.  My scholars will grow and harvest throughout the year, as they are learning science concepts behind each task.”

Experience the Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci

Mr. Trousil | High School | Illinois

“I am a teacher that believes in having students use critical thinking to solve the mysteries of history. The students will jump into the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci and use critical thinking skills to build one of his great inventions, the catapult. This STEM cross-curricular activity will bring history alive.”

Thank you to Disney for sparking creativity and ingenuity in so many classrooms!

You can watch Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever streaming on Disney+ starting February 1!

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