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A college class teaches us a thing or two about advertising!


Over the last four weeks, a group of students from California State University – Fullerton put together a multi-media “mock” campaign for DonorsChoose.org.They started by researching our website, our donor demographics and our brand positioning. They tried out DonorsChoose.org gift cards to experience how our website works. And they put their creative minds to work to come up with a slogan, a print ad, an “out of home” ad, a new media ad and a TV ad.Some of our favorite taglines for DonorsChoose.org included "Giving is our favorite subject", "Spare some change for a new kind of giving" and "People make it happen."Thank you to the “Comm 353 Creative Strategy & Execution” students, led by Professor Carolyn Coal in the College of Communications. We loved your multi-media “mock” campaigns. Give us a call when you graduate from college!

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