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A New Crowdfunding Policy Toolkit from AASA and DonorsChoose

Explore the toolkit to set your district up for crowdfunding success.


Since 2018, AASA and DonorsChoose have worked together to support school districts looking to leverage crowdfunding to support district priorities. We’ve teamed up with AASA once again to bring district leaders another toolkit to set your district up for crowdfunding success.

After releasing the back-to-school toolkit in Fall 2018, which shared pre-k–12 crowdfunding best practices along with tips for helping your teachers use DonorsChoose effectively, we heard feedback from district leaders on the challenges of implementing an effective crowdfunding policy. To support leaders implementing crowdfunding policies that serve the transparency and accountability needs of districts, while still encouraging and celebrating teacher innovation, we’ve built the Establishing Your Crowdfunding Policy Toolkit.

In this toolkit, you’ll find:

  • A 6-step guide to effectively implementing a crowdfunding policy
  • Case studies on districts that have had success with encouraging crowdfunding policies
  • A model crowdfunding policy that you can implement directly or use as inspiration for your own
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Download the toolkit and start setting up your crowdfunding policy.

We’re thrilled to work with you to bring your teachers’ classroom dreams to life. Questions about how DonorsChoose can support your district’s goals and priorities? Check out our page for district leaders.

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