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Associated Press: Flashfunding highlights online philanthropy's role in class


Attention Mrs. Mills at Von Tobel Middle School in Las Vegas, the new library furniture your school needs is on the way! And Mr. Sutherland’s class at Hillcrest Elementary in Gillette, Wyoming, that music keyboard’s coming! Mrs. D at Public School No. 81 in Buffalo, clear a space for your new foam carpet and therapy balls!Wish lists posted by teachers on the education philanthropy website DonorsChoose.org are being fulfilled Thursday in a “flash funding” effort involving actors, pro athletes, tech titans and others, each of whom will fund all the projects in a specific city, region or entire state.“My head might explode. It really might explode from joy. Or my heart,” said “Community” actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who is covering DonorsChoose.org projects in her hometown of East Cleveland, Ohio, in the #BestSchoolDay initiative.Read the full story on Associated Press.

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