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CauseWorld Users Fund a Project for a High-Need Chicago Classroom!


Shopping has never been so rewarding! Thanks to all shoppers (and window-shoppers!) who downloaded the CauseWorld App and spent their karma points to support a classroom, CauseWorld users have helped fund their first project on DonorsChoose.org.The first batch of karmas will supply a high-need Chicago classroom with netbooks. But the fun is not over! You can download the free CauseWorld app to your iPhone or Android-compatible phone and start earning karma points today just by walking into stores. After you've scored some karmas, choose to support a classroom and help some students in need. Your karmas will help fund selected projects on DonorsChoose.org - no purchase or donation necessary!DonorsChoose.org likes how CauseWorld is pioneering an innovative way to use technology to connect people and needs - and we're not alone! CuaseWorld has been featured in popular blogs and websites such as Tech Crunch and The Washington Post as an easy way for shoppers and businesses to partner up and do good.Download the app today and stay tuned for more news on projects funded - by you - through CauseWorld!

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