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Class trips: helping students see the world


Class trips have the ability to change the way students view the world. Our colleague Laura Libby, Special Projects Manager, shared a story about one class trip that did just that:"In my sophomore year of high school, our History class was lucky enough to take a trip to France and Belgium. We toured World War I and II historical landmarks. The trip was emotional, educational, fun and taught me how to empathize. I credit this trip (and an amazing senior History teacher) for my motivation to apply for a joint major including Modern History at college. Class trips are such great learning opportunities because of this combination of exploration and education. Trips teach valuable skills: independence, how to interact with people outside of your social circles, and sometimes even foreign languages."For these reasons and more we are happy to announce that class trip projects on our site have been reduced from 6 points to 4 points. This means more teachers will be able to submit more trips sooner. The team has been working hard to streamline all facets of these trips on our website, and we are passing along the savings to the teachers. Now we will be able to screen and purchase more trips every year.Are you a teacher thinking of submitting a class trip project? Here is a rundown of things to consider when planning your trip:1. You must submit your project at least 2 months before the ideal date of your trip (or before the deposit/payment due date if there is one)2. You must have documentation (we call them price quotes) from your vendors detailing the cost of your trip (e.g. a price quote from the museum and a price quote from the bus provider)3. We cannot post projects requesting substitute teachers. Similarly, we cannot post projects requesting airline tickets or travel visas unless they are requested through a formal trip providerWe want to know: what trip changed the way YOU see the world?

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