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Disney is back to fund Environmental Projects!

  • Are you a third to eighth grade teacher?
  • Have you wanted to start a classroom garden or lead a hands-on environmental project?
  • Do you wish that you had more materials to inspire your students to take action and help save the environment?

We are thrilled to announce that Disney will be funding hands on environmental projects across the United States for 3rd to 8th grade classrooms. Since 2009, Disney has brought to life 1,693 classroom projects focusing on saving the environment. Starting Monday, September 17th Disney will be matching $300,000 of donations through this Double Your Impact offer. (See eligible projects here).To qualify for this Double Your Impact, submit a hands-on environmental science project today! To qualify, projects must meet these criteria:

  • Hands-on project that engages students directly in benefiting the environment through water conservation and watershed protection, recycling, composting, restoring/creating community gardens, etc.
  • Posted after September 17th
  • Submitted by a third through eighth grade teacher
  • Total cost of $1000 or less (including all fees and the optional donation)
  • Include the word “Disney” in the essay

Each teacher can receive funding for a maximum of two projects through this offer.Need inspiration? Check out some of the great projects which received funding last year! Visit donorschoose.org/teachers to submit your project today!

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