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Our Favorite Moments from Chevron’s 2020–2021 Equity-Forward Partnership

Chevron doubled and tripled donations to racial equity projects — the results? Learning magic! Take a look at 5 amazing moments from their partnership.


For the past decade, Chevron has supported thousands of teachers through Fuel Your School. This year, they did something a little different: instead of encouraging folks to fill up their tanks to unlock Chevron’s donation to public schools, Chevron directly matched donations to projects driving racial equity in education. 

With a donation of nearly $2M, Chevron doubled and tripled donations to racial equity projects from schools in their priority regions. Funded projects included those requesting anti-racist and inclusive resources, STEM projects from schools serving a majority Black, Latino/a, and Indigenous students, and STEM projects from Black, Latino/a, and Indigenous teachers.

The results? Learning magic, of course! Take a look at 5 of our favorite moments from the past year with Chevron.

Students used art to express identity and explore culture.

Self-expression and exploration are at the core of art. In her project, "Mexican Sun and Moon Folk Art," Utah teacher Ms. Coyle requested art supplies so that her students could create masterpieces inspired by traditional Mexican folk art.

 In California, Mrs. Aviña noticed a hole in her art supply closet — resources that would let her students represent a diversity of skin tones! Her project “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Art” funded paint, clay, pencils, and more that would allow her students to create self portraits.

“Art celebrates different perspectives and celebrates the uniqueness of artists and their subjects; having supplies that honor and celebrate the many diverse cultures of my students will enhance our art lessons.” —Mrs. Aviña

Chevron leaders shared why they’re supporting racial equity in education

“Chevron’s contribution builds upon a long-term commitment to supporting education in the communities where we operate,” said Chevron Social Investment Manager, Melissa Rosenblatt. “Chevron’s long term partnership with leading education organizations like DonorsChoose provides funding to support educational resources for students and teachers throughout school year during these unprecedented times. We have long-made support for K-12 education one of our top priorities because we know that it is the key to powering the workforce of the future.”

Students connected with nature through STEM investigation

The classroom — and the laboratory — are wherever learning and experimentation is happening!

Mr. Byrns requested materials to help his California students surround their school with plants native their area, restoring biodiversity and giving students the chance to document ecological observations. Coach Sims, on the other hand, wanted to bring nature inside with his project Nature in the Classroom: Building a Hydroponics System. His request for a hydroponics system gives his students hands-on experience managing an ecosystem.

“Planting native plants helps bring back pollinators and other beneficial insects. After all the plants are in the ground, we will begin to take biodiversity surveys around campus and count all animals that we see.” —Mr. Byrns

Teachers celebrated their funding on social media

6,621 projects were brought to life!

We’re still floored by this incredible support from Chevron and from our community. Check out even more great projects supported by this campaign!

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