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Giving Pages: A whole new look


Our Giving Pages now have a whole new look, and it's all thanks to you! We poured through the data, talked to our most active users, and figured out what we should change (and more importantly, what we no longer needed).In addition to more clearly highlighting the impact of a Giving Page, we're now showing off those who made these successes possible: our donors. Here are some of the more exciting changes:

  • Members: Any donors to a Giving Page will now be listed as a member, and receive weekly updates to keep them abreast of recent activity.
  • Feel connected: You can now learn about the teachers and donors connected to a campaign by simply clicking on their profile photo in the new “Members” section. Go ahead and put a face to those names!
  • Communication: We now ask your visitors if they want to stay up-to-date on your campaign, even if they choose not to donate. They'll receive updates on your impact, see a snapshot of recent activity, and be encouraged to join in!
  • Tabs: Every donor wants a bit more control on what information is presented, so we introduced tabs. Show off your members, project requests, completed projects, or a combination of all three on our new Home tab.

Prefer to still highlight only projects like before? You can, we built in a feature that let's you control the default landing tab for your page.We really hope you like it : )

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