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Guest Teacher Blogger: Courtney Bartlett, Swimming into Second


Hi! I’m Courtney from Swimming into Second. I am excited to be guest blogging here today for DonorsChoose.org.I have had a very positive experience using DonorsChoose.org but it is a learning process for how best to get your projects funded. The most important thing that I have learned is that it is extremely important to get the word out about your projects. When I first started using DonorsChoose.org, I was worried that people would be annoyed with me asking for help in my classroom. I had this vision in my mind of an annoying telemarketer and was more worried about that than helping my students.This past year, I had two projects funded and I realized that the main reason that they were funded was because I got the word out. One of the major things I needed was a new classroom rug. I had several small rugs that I bought at a cheap price but they just didn’t last and wouldn’t fit my entire class. I really wanted somewhere in my classroom where my entire class could sit comfortably and I could teach. I also wanted a place that was really comfortable for my kiddos to read on their own. I just didn’t have a place like that in my class.After researching different rugs, I knew that I could not afford one on my own so I created a DonorsChoose.org project. I actually ended up posting it twice. The first time I had it on the website, I never told anybody. I just hoped that it would somehow get funded. Well, that didn’t happen. After a few months, I posted it again. This time, I spread the word on my blog, on Facebook, and through email. Members of my family were glad to help. Other people that I know on Facebook or through my blog were also willing to help out. I think that people really want to help teachers but they just don’t know how.Get the word out there about what you need. Do you need supplies for your class or enrichment materials? Let people know. The great thing about DonorsChoose.org is that you don’t have to get money only from people in your community. You can ask anyone and everyone.Think up those big ideas this summer and get the word out. Your students will thank you for making their classroom an amazing place.I hope this helps you get those projects funded. Please visit me over at my blog if you have any other questions. Have a great summer!

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