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Guest Teacher Blogger: Sharon Davison, Kindergartenlife


Ms. Sharon DavisonBlog: Kindergartenlife"The Value of Being Connected Digitally"A wonderful story...I was contacted by a language arts coordinator in Virginia who came across my class blog. She was looking for literacy activities that I created using Jan Brett’s books. She read my blog and became interested in the technology that I was using with my students. She sent me an email and inquired if I would be willing to be a host for 3 days so she could see first hand how I’m using technology with my students.She applied for a grant that was funded so she came to Vermont to spend time with me while also observing, talking and interacting with my students and other classrooms. Her goal was to learn how I integrate technology and establish some possible connections with other teachers in her school. What a grand opportunity for future connections.This is possible because she came across my class blog which is open to the public. As an educator, the best things I have to offer are the things that I’m learning about and what I’m experiencing. I’m learning how to “fine tune” and enhance these best practice ideas through technology. Technology makes the best practice work powerful and offers endless opportunities for others to connect. The connection can be short or long term. This is wonderful because the connections are meaningful, always there, “waiting” in a sense to be reconnected or ignited again when an opportunity arises. As a teacher I’ve always valued the power and importance of building relationships that evolve from connections. I’ve made a huge shift from where I go to be connected and inspired about my teaching practice and with whom I’m connecting with. By “putting myself out there” in a digital way I’ve begun to transform as an educator. My transformation is never ending.

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