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Heading Back to School with AASA and District Leaders

Two resources to support your district through this school year and beyond.


The back-to-school season is well underway — with all of the excitement and energy that comes with it! As students settle into their classrooms, teachers’ plans begin to come into focus. They’re seeing wiggly students who would benefit from a balance ball or wobble stool, planning the books their students are excited to read, and learning who in their class lights up during hands-on science experiments. We’re thrilled to work with school district leaders like you to empower teachers seeking extra resources to help their students thrive.

We’ve also had a busy back-to-school season! Along with our usual work raising support from donors and corporations across the country, we’ve put a renewed focus on listening to you — the district leaders and administrators who make school possible.

To learn more about the unique needs, goals, and challenges of America’s public school administrators, we’ve teamed up with AASA, The Schools Superintendents Association, the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders. We talked to AASA leaders and members, learning about how individual districts can help teachers use DonorsChoose to support district-wide priorities and about the challenges that K–12 crowdfunding poses to administrators.

We’re thrilled to have joined forces on two new resources that we hope will support your district through this school year and beyond.

The Back-to-School Crowdfunding Toolkit for District Leaders

A screenshot of the AASA + DonorsChoose landing page

In collaboration with the AASA, we've built a toolkit designed specifically for district leaders as they prepare for the school year ahead. You'll find:

  • K–12 crowdfunding best practices
  • A breakdown of the controls and transparency measures baked into DonorsChoose and how to take advantage of them
  • Case studies of administrators using DonorsChoose to support district priorities

Dive into the Back to School Crowdfunding Toolkit.

Administrative Tools on DonorsChoose for District Leaders

A screenshot of the DonorsChoose District Tools landing page. The text reads, "DonorsChoose District Controls. We're here to set your district up for success on DonorsChoose. Take the steps below to access controls for your district leaders and get resources to help your teachers make the most out of their classroom projects." There are four header links: "Model Crowdfunding Policy," "Custom District Reporting," "District Technology Guidelines," and "Principal Notifications"

This new resource page provides tools that give you insight into your teachers' use of DonorsChoose, while ensuring they can get the most out of our platform. On this page you can:

  • Sign up for free, regular reporting on your teachers DonorsChoose use
  • Send us your district technology guidelines so we can direct your teachers to request only district-compatible technology resources
  • Access teacher training materials
  • Learn about funding opportunities from our corporate and foundation partners that your teachers can leverage

Access the tools you need to get your district set up.

We’re thrilled to work with you to bring your teachers’ classroom dreams to life. If you have any questions about how we can support your district goals and priorities, reach out to ksmiley@donorschoose.org.

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