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Help DC.org Get Up to $50,000 from DirecTV!


Starting July 28th, DirecTV will be giving away up to $50,000 to deserving charities! For every 50,000 new fans, DirecTV will give out a donation of $10,000 to the charity with the most votes on their Facebook page. They will repeat this five times, until $50,000 has been given out!DonorsChoose.org is lucky to be one of the five great organizations featured on DirecTV’S charitable giving campaign, and there are a couple of ways you can help DonorsChoose.org reach the most votes and receive up to $50,000!First, you must “Like” DirecTV’s Facebook page and then you can vote for DonorsChoose.org. You also have the option of posting your vote to your wall to spread the word. Voting is open every day – so vote often!Then, spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, email friends and family, and any other way you can!Let’s get those votes!

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