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Help Kids Get Healthy Foods


Carrie Alling is a TakePart Account Executive and DonorsChoose.org is thrilled to share her guest blog post below:

DonorsChoose.org has some big fans over here at TakePart.com. REALLY. BIG. FANS. As the online voice of Participant Media (An Inconvenient Truth, Food, Inc.) our mission is and has always been to drive individual action through powerful storytelling and proof of impact. Ultimately, we’d like to create a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. Yep, you may say we’re dreamers, but we actually do believe that if each of us takes a few tiny steps to make a difference, that dream can become a reality. So whenever we see someone out there who shares our mission, we get excited. And DonorsChoose.org does! We greatly admire the way this organization enables individuals to choose their level of engagement – by either giving a little or a lot to the teacher/classroom/project of their choice – and then closes the loop with proof of impact on REAL children. It shows that every little bit helps.

We want to show how small steps can make a difference, too, so we launched 30 Ways in 30 Days, our daily action calendar full of simple and meaningful ways to improve your community, your planet and even yourself. Take action, and you’ll also receive a chance to win some amazing prizes, including an outdoor adventure with the Sierra Club.To start using the calendar, you can either visit us at www.takepart.com/30Ways30Days OR text 30WAYS to 77177 to receive daily action alerts on your phone. It’s easy, fun and fulfilling!Oh, and be sure to check out the action on January 31! “Help Get Healthy Foods to Kids at School. Support a Nutrition Project Through DonorsChoose.org”

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