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How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day (No Matter How You Feel About It)


Valentine’s Day: Some love it. Some hate it. But for dedicated teachers, it’s just another excuse to spread a little joy. Here's an easy way to share camaraderie, gratitude, and—yes—a touch of love this week.

We see DonorsChoose.org teachers giving each other high-fives constantly, and it gets us every time:

A little teacher love via Twitter!

This Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity to shout-out a fellow teacher. Whether they're a trusted colleague or a stranger whose DonorsChoose.org project inspired you, this is the week to let them know they've made a difference.Take it one step farther. Do you have a friend whose donation to your DonorsChoose.org project meant a lot? Know an administrator who goes above-and-beyond on a regular basis? Is there someone out there who offered you kindness in a tough moment? Now is the time to tell them.Can’t find the words? We’ve got your back. Click on the teacher-inspired graphic below to download and #sharethanks on social media with your shout-out.

You Rule!

Click on the image above to download and #sharethanks!

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